5 Best Freelancing Jobs for a freelancer to earn money

If you are starting as a freelancer, then you must choose the right career path that generates massive income, right? If you are interested in having a bit of control and relaxation from your professional life, freelancing jobs is the best option to choose for.

Getting paid depends on your skill, experience and quality of work but you might be wondering what are freelancing jobs? Are freelancing jobs good? and what are the best freelancing jobs for a freelancer.

You can define freelancing jobs as where a person works for himself rather than for a company. Freelancers do take on contractual works for companies and organisations, they are ultimately self-employed.

Freelancing comes with its taste of good and bad, but when it is done in the right way, it comes with a great perks of freedom, money and peace of mind. No rules, no fixed timings rather you can work from anywhere at any time.

Let me tell you first about the best freelancing job sites where you can create your gigs and find best freelancing jobs.

Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, 99 designs, Simply Hired, Freelancer etc. If you want to know more about these websites then please read my article Best Freelancing Job sites.

How are freelancers get paid?

Most freelancers get paid by an hourly basis or by the job that has been assigned. Payment is transferred mostly by Paypal.

People often search How to earn 1000$ month online?  and my simple answer is through freelancing and below are some of the best online freelancing jobs.

1.Video Editing:

Best Freelancing Jobs

The very first service that I recommend that you start offering to work from home is a video editor. So even if you don’t have any video editing experience it’s very easy to learn. This is the best freelancing job for beginners.

People looking for this service want from basic video editing all the way up to advanced video editing. So if you have experience in this, maybe you can offer the advanced video editing that should be with animations and some graphics intertwined with the video.

But even if you just have very basic video editing skills where you don’t have any at all and you’re going to learn you can offer the basic video editing. So just to tell you the price point on this it goes from $15 an hour for the basic up to about $40 an hour for the advance.

If you’re more on the basic side of video editing you’re going to use something like a movie. It comes standard on every Mac so you won’t have to purchase any software and then if you’re more in the advanced area of the video editing you use something like Adobe Premiere Pro.This is some very advanced video editing software that allows you to do the animations and the graphics. 

For advance work you can charge for $200 to $300 per hour


Best Freelancing Job sites

A copywriter is  someone that a business or an individual hires to write the text for their advertising Facebook ads even like a magazine print ad or even just copy that’s on their website. So people who own the business or people who are individuals who need this service it’s typically hard for them if they don’t have a background in copywriting because they know so much about what they are trying to say So it’s hard for them to try to skip over the details and just say what fits for the website or the app.

They like to put in a lot of extra information and they have a biased opinion on it. So what they like to do is and this happens all the time.

Hire someone a copywriter that’s a third party independent or neutral standpoint to write them a persuasive and entertaining and captivating caption or copy for their advertising for their website text.

So how much do they make.Well it’s typically a per project basis not an hourly basis.

 So it’s 50 bucks per Facebook ad and those are like 150 characters or less.Then up to $2000 per project if it’s to write the copy for the website home page for the whole homepage they need a copy for it. So might be closer to $2000.

So over the course of the month you’re probably going to make anywhere from 2000 to $10000 as a copywriter and you don’t need any special requirements for this.

You don’t need a college degree or certification. What I do recommend that you do if you don’t have experience with copywriting yet is you study marketing and psychology.

3. Author and Content Writing:

Best Online Freelancing Jobs

Being an Author is an important skill so believe it or not writing books is an amazing occupation for working at home or just working from your computer. So it’s really profitable and ever since Kindle direct Publishing came to the market it’s opened up doors for people like you and me to write books.

You can create ebooks from 30 pages to 100pages about your favourite topic and that’s just about the right length that people are looking for. So these books are priced between $3 and typically 100$ and that’s it. So I mean it’s an inexpensive book that’s going to get value across.

You don’t have to hire anyone to publish it. That’s the amazing thing of Kindle direct publishing. So through what they call KDP Kindle direct publishing they offer a program that you can download on your computer called Kindle create.

So you take up your book in what I like to do is in a Word document and then import that word document into Kindle create and it formats it and you can do the headings. The subheadings everything formatted specifically for Kindle and then once you’re ready with that you can actually export that and what it will give you is a Kindle direct publishing file and you can publish and earn money from 10$ to 1000$ per each copy.

Similarly content writers are in huge demand, being a content writer you can write articles for clients and corporate to earn money from 50$ to 200$ per articles

If you want to become a good content writer then check out my blog 

4) Membership Site creator and Website development:

Best Online Freelancing Jobs

Membership sites are the websites where you create these for people who can sign up and subscribe every month for a service. It can be a product or service content so you can deliver them content every month.

So people are going to pay to get access to that content. The only way they have access to it is by paying. So it’s really not hard to create this style of website.

You can do it through WordPress.There’s many other ways you can do this and create the framework for the Web site and then it’s up to you what kind of product service or content you’re going to offer.

 So the ranges on this typically go from $10 a month is usually the low end up to what I’ve seen is about $100 per month. So what’s cool about this is you can scale it.

So what I mean by that is whether you have one customer for the first few months paying you $10 a month you’re delivering the same amount of content and you’re delivering the same service.

Now once you have 100 customers maybe  per month you’re delivering the same amount of content as you were for that one customer. So you’re making a lot more money on the same amount of work. So the goal at this obviously is to build your customer base and build your subscriber base as big as you can.

That’s where it’s really going to become profitable in the beginning. You’re probably not going to make a lot of money but if you can attract customers and you can attract people to pay monthly you’re going to start making a lot of money compared to the work that you’re putting into it because you’re delivering the same amount of content you would for one person as you are for 100 or 1000 members a membership site creator.

5)Social Media Manager:

What are freelancing jobs

In today’s day and age you really don’t need to have a lot of experience on social media because we use it every single day. So believe it or not we have a lot of experience without even knowing it.

So a lot of companies are looking for people to do this from their computers. You really don’t need to be in a specific location to do this.

There’s a wide range of services that are offered in the social media manager position. So let’s start with basic. So on the low end it’s looking like $15 an hour and that’s going to be mainly to push out content on multiple platforms at certain times.

So people may want to post on but say Pinterest, linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.So they want to post to all four of those at 1 p.m. every Thursday and then 3 p.m. every Friday.You know they may have a schedule like that and instead of them having to set the time set reminders and push out that content that’s something that you would do.

So on the low end you would just push out the content and then optionally depending on that certain gig you would respond to the comments and maybe respond to questions that people write in as well but that’s it.

And it’s build a $15 an hour. So on the upper end if you have a lot of experience with this you have a marketing background. You can actually land a position that’s a social media strategy advisor so you can advise the company on what kind of strategy they need to use for social media what they need to be posting when they should be posting it.

What type of content is good on each platform and how to create this content. You can even be the creator as well. So if you’re the creator as well as the strategist you can charge even more so in the upper end things like this. You’re looking at 40 to $50 an hour because you’re really a consultant. Just keep that in mind you can be on the low end and you can be on the high end.You can take 2000 to 5000$ per month as a social media manager.

So the next question is which freelance work is best?

Every work has been the best but as a personal choice, I prefer a membership site that is a profitable job to acquire.

A Definite Guide on How to Start Freelancing

Becoming a freelancer is a great way to earn by working yourself. You can work for multiple employers at a time, gain a variety of marketable skills, and work as much or as little as you can.

In this current scenario where there is a scarcity of jobs, people are underpaid and high inflation is taking a toll, many people across the world are looking for income opportunities and what I am observing is there is an unprecedented demand for freelancing jobs.

People are starting a freelancing business to earn money from home. But, You might be wondering what is freelancing? And how to start freelancing?

Freelancing Industry is a new opportunity for people to work from the comfort of home and get paid directly from international clients by completing the tasks on their specialized skills.

 With over 60 million Americans, have started a freelancing business that gives them more flexibility to create a lifestyle they love.

Hiring freelancers is not only becoming more acceptable but also more attractive to many businesses. This creates various opportunities for people to how to begin freelancing business.

I would like to suggest you for reading this guide all through the way from top to bottom that will take you straight to each stage of how to start freelancing with no experience.

10 steps to start a freelancing business:

 1. Define your goal and Start.

2. Pick a profitable niche to offer service.

3. Find freelancing websites.

 4. Setting up gigs in freelancing websites.

5. Build your portfolio by setting up a high-quality website

6. Pricing strategies for your services.

7. How to pitch to clients.

 8. Level up your skills.

 9. Getting Reviews from client

10. How to get more clients.

  Let’s dive into the details step by step:

How to Start Freelancing

1. Define your goal and Start.

It’s very important to set up a goal in your mind while you are starting freelancing.

You should have clarity on your mind about what is your mindset and what is your specialty and how much time and effort you are willing to devote every day in this work.

After you are clear about your goals then start immediately. You might be thinking whether or not you are skilled enough to start freelancing, if you procrastinate then you will never become a freelancer.

You need not have to be an expert in your skills in order to get clients and start your freelancing business. You need to have the required knowledge and the rest depends on your hard work and time.

2. Pick a profitable niche to offer service.

Picking a niche is the most important step, if you are a newbie to freelancing then you often feel ready to take any paid work to get your hands on. But this doesn’t work like that way. You need to choose a skill where you have to expertise and start focusing on that particular skill.

Niche means the segment or skill of interest you want to offer service.

Selecting a niche is a difficult task to do because many of us don’t know what our interests are and what we are passionate about.

 Make sure while picking your niche, the two most important things that you need to keep in your mind are you must have a good amount of knowledge on that service(gig) and secondly it must be profitable.

If you are not aware of your niche that you have selected for offering services you will lose interest in completing the tasks. Secondly, it must be profitable by that it means it can be monetized easily.

Let me explain niche selection, If you are fond of graphics designing then you will do better in graphics designing because you love it and you have a passion for design, on the other hand, if you don’t have any knowledge on graphic designing then you will fail miserably as you are not aware of it.

Some of the best profitable services that you can offer are video editing, app development, graphic designing, content writing, designing a logo, website design, SEO, Social media, and funnel building.

3) Find freelancing Websites

After you select the niche you need the market place to set up your gigs. This means you need the best freelancing websites to set up your service so that you can find clients to get jobs.

This is the most frequently asked question, and the one that most people do completely wrong when they first start out.

To start, you need to know who your ideal clients are. You may not be able to get them right away, but you have to keep a clear idea in your mind of to whom you are trying to target.

You can find clients by registering and making a profile in different freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Simply hired, 99 designs, Toptal, freelancer, etc.

In order to get more details on how to become a freelancer on upwork and other freelancing website you can check my article here

 You can also find clients from LinkedIn and google business.

4) Setting up gigs in freelancing websites.

 Gigs are the services that you have set up in freelancing websites. Start by creating an overview of your work, details about the services, the offering of your work, testimonials, deadline, and pricing details of the work.

 You need to take time and pace to make your gigs more useful. Start by creating an overview of your work mainly by adding pricing details and scope on which you will work.

Adding a 2-minute video explaining about your service on the freelancing website will give a boost to your gig as now a day’s people prefer to watch videos rather than reading.

Most freelancing websites uses its own algorithm to rank gigs and show it to the clients. Ranking gigs on the top is most likely to find most of your target clients.

5) Build your portfolio by setting up a high-quality website

Start a freelancing business

Building your profile always helps you to showcase your skills. The work you have done can be represented in your profile. It’s very important to build your profile in the right way as it’s a true reflection of your work, skills and experience.

You might be thinking, setting up a website may be a costly affair, but it is not. You can set up your website in WordPress which is absolutely free; you just need to pay a small amount in buying a domain and hosting to host the site.

Let’s understand what the purpose of having a portfolio website is. It’s often the first impression a potential client will have on you, your style, your work, and the past clients you’ve worked with in your freelance business.

You need to sell yourself and communicate with clients on your website in order to convince clients to hire you.

6) Pricing strategies for your services.

You need to set the right prices for your services before starting a freelancing business. You need to price yourself based on the value you deliver, not based on what your competitors are charging. Your prices may be too high or too low for the types of clients you target.

Initially, when you are starting out, you may sometime have to do it either free or maybe with a nominal fee as you want the client and their reviews as it is required for your credibility. After you have enough reviews you can put the right price.

7) Level up your skills.

 In order to justify higher value, you need to make sure that you have impressive skills that are in higher demand. You need to practice those skills by creating projects that you want to get paid to work on whether it may be creating WordPress websites, developing apps, creating logos and how to start freelancing web designs, and how to start a freelancing graphic design and maybe something else. The more you differentiate yourself among top competitors that will attract more potential clients to your site.

Below is the guide on how to become a freelance writer by checking my detailed article here

8. How to pitch to clients.

how to become a freelancer

When you want to know how to  start freelancing business online, you need to pitch yourself. No matter how good you maybe, but if you want to turn your skills into starting a freelancing business mindset, you must be able to communicate your strengths and convert them into paying clients.

You can get client’s information from google business, linked in, snov.io, etc and you can reach out to them by sending proposals to them.

Proposify.com is the best website to get predefined templates that you can use for sending out proposals.

9. Get Reviews from your work.

how to become a freelancer on upwork

Reviews and testimonials play a significant role in building your credibility. The work you perform for your clients makes sure you don’t forget to ask them for a review for your work.

It will not only help you to know how you have performed but also it will help you to find more Clients.

Getting reviews in freelancing sites also on google and Facebook are equally important.

10. How to get more work.

how to become a freelancer writer

You can get more work by networking with other people. It is highly important that the task you get in freelancing platforms you need to provide so much value that the client gets impressed and can consider you for more work.

If they get impressed by your work they may even refer you to other contacts.

These 10 steps will help you to know how to become a freelancer and If you follow these I am sure no one can stop your progress in freelancing career path.

A complete guide on how to become a freelance writer

Table of Contents
    how to become a freelance writer

    Many people who love writing are unaware of how to use their writing skills in a profitable way to earn cash.

    In this article, I will give you a complete guide on how to become a freelance writer. I will also show you the detailed steps to become a freelance writer and how you can build a writing career in today’s world, both as a full-time or by doing part-time.

    Freelance writing is one the most popular way to earn money online from anywhere as per your convenience and become your own boss.

    First, let’s understand what is freelance writing and how to become a writer online?

    Freelance Writing is a skill where you can create original content for websites, articles, magazines, Social media, corporate clients, etc.

    You must have heard “Content is King”. Now a day’s Content is everywhere. By writing content you can not only helps businesses to market their products but also sell products to their customer to grow their businesses.

    With social media dominating everywhere content has become an integral part of any business.

    According to the research firm, Technavio predicts spending will more than double to 412.88 billion by 2021. So it clearly shows the Content industry is booming at a much faster rate.

    Let’s now focus on the next question how to become a freelance writer with no experience?

    If you don’t have any experience in freelancing writing skills then below are the skills needed to be a freelance writer.

    1. Select your freelancing  writing niche:

    Picking your niche for writing is the most important step of writing. Niche means the segment or topic of interest you want to write.

    Selecting a niche is a difficult task to do because many of us don’t know what our interests are and what we are passionate about.

     Make sure while picking your niche, the two most important things that you need to keep in your mind is you have a good amount of knowledge on that topic and Secondly it must be profitable.

    If you are not aware of our niche or the topic you have selected for writing  you will lose interest in writing. Secondly, it must be profitable by that it means it can be monetized easily.

    Let me explain let’s say If you are fond of graphics designing then you will write better content on graphics designing because you love it and you have a passion for design, on the other hand, if you don’t have any knowledge on bike riding then you will fail miserably as you are not aware of how to ride a bike.

    So while choosing your niche be careful about your interests also consider how you can earn money out of it.

    Mainly every niche can be broadly categorized into three areas

    • Health
    • Wealth
    • Make money online

    You could choose one of these popular niches, or pick a favorite hobby or interest of your own

    • Body
    • Parenting
    • Food
    • Yoga and meditation and Spirituality
    • Online money making
    • Education
    • Online Gadgets
    • Games

    2) Build your portfolio by setting up a website or blog:

     You need to have an online presence if you want to become a freelance writer. This is most important as by building your portfolio website or blog you can demonstrate your creative stuff samples to clients.

    The client will gain trust in you to give you work as they can see the samples and also they can get clarity

    and the trustworthiness of working with you.

    You can set up a website or blog site for free in WordPress.You just need to pay a nominal fee to buy a domain name and a hosting provider to host your website.  

    A domain can be purchased either from GoDaddy or Namecheap and hosting you can go with WPX Hosting or Siteground. This doesn’t cost much. But if you don’t want to spend then  You can set up your portfolio site in medium and blogger absolutely free.

    how to become a freelance writer with no experience

    3)Develop Your  freelancing writing Skills: 

    Often people have a  question in their mind how to become a freelance content writer and develop their content creation skills.

    As a freelance content writer in order to develop your skills, you need to keep learning about the writing skills you need for the type of content you are working upon.

    Also, You need a continuous practice of writing daily to hone your writing skills.

    You need to research and think analytically about the content you are making and always strive for creating unique, exceptional, and quality content.

    Bogus, copied and bad content get banned from google and have poor readability to readers and you can potentially lose your client.

    If you achieve this skill then corporate is paying huge to those content writers who understand the importance of quality content. They are happy to pay professional writers and copywriters because they believe that it will help them dominate their competitors.


    how to become a freelance writer online

    4) SEO Writing:

     For web content to be accessed by viewers across the globe, it must be highly optimized and ranked on the top result pages of search engines especially Google.

    It is not that easy for a freelance writer to succeed in this freelance writing marketing platform without having any prior knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. It plays an important role in driving traffic to a website.

    The main skill you need to know to thrive in freelance writing is SEO Writing.SEO writing basically involves commonly used search terms into well-written web content. These search terms are so-called the keywords and they form the core foundation of every search engine practice.

    As a freelance writer, you need to know how to make use of keywords while writing web content for clients. This doesn’t mean not just inserting keywords to make up an article rather it should ensure that the keywords blend seamlessly so that it doesn’t hamper the quality of the content.

    Due to the set up of the market, you must have excellent communication skills in order to have a chance of nurturing a successful freelancing writing career.

    5)Communication skills:

    Since you don’t have face to face conversations with your prospective clients, it is of utmost importance to imbibe communication skills that will help you to rapport with your clients. This can ultimately help you to improve your chance of getting a constant flow of freelance writing gigs.

    freelancing writing niches

    6)Getting Your first freelancing client:

    Getting your first freelancing client is important to start your freelancing career and you need to find a client in order to get work and earn cash.

     You can find prospective customers on freelancing marketplace websites like UpWork, Problogger, Fiverr, Guru, Textbroker.

    You too can reach out to companies and also look out for agency posting jobs.

    Companies need writers usually and Instead of only getting paid once, you can develop a  strong relationship with them and get new freelance writing gigs for months or even years into the future. You can find a big list of content marketing agencies here.

    7) Completing the task on time:

    Once you get the work from the client be it any platform, do your very best to focus on the quality of work and deliver within the committed time. You can initially charge less in order to get clients and later on increase your payment after you are established.

    8) Network, network, network:

    To get more clients you need to network with people. You can create you’re linked in profile and Facebook page for your writing services. You need to join writing forums, participate in online Content conferences, and reach out to other content freelancers for better collaboration.

    This way you can get referrals from other clients to get work and you can rinse and repeat the whole process that I have discussed.

    9) Ask for Reviews:

    Always ask for reviews of your work to your client after finishing the work as it helps in building your credibility to your freelance writing portfolio.

    If you have booked through the platform like Fiverr, Upwork, ProBlogger you can ask for the review on those platforms also you can ask them if they are willing to give a review on Google and Facebook. You can use those reviews in your LinkedIn profile and add those to your portfolio website.

    If you become a freelance writer and start working for other businesses, the payoff is fast.

    Probably a month or two to learn the basics and then another month or two to get your first client.

    The bottom line?

    You Can Make Good Money As a Freelance Writer

    Freelance writing is a great creative outlet that can be fun and also provide an income, but the beginning is always the hardest thing with every new attempt.

    So in short to the question of how to become a  freelance writer online the shortest answer is to get a free blog or website, spend a little time daydreaming about your favorite topic to write about, and start writing. It’s as simple as that, but as with any good buy – go, you need little to no monetary investment.

    5 Best freelancing website to work from home

    Table of Contents
      Best Freelancing Website

      COVID-19 has been challenging us since the beginning of this year, no doubt it has taken so many precious lives at the same time many businesses are shut or incur losses.

      This situation has taught us that being financially free is the need of the hour and freelancing can help us achieve it.

      Due to this pandemic near about 1.6 billion people all over the world are in danger of losing their livelihoods or have already lost their livelihood.

      Freelancing Industry is a new opportunity for people to work from the comfort of home and get paid directly from international clients by completing the tasks on their specialized skills.

      Then few questions comes to our mind what is a freelancing website? and what are the best freelancing websites?

      Don’t worry I will explain, the freelancing website is a platform where the client gets connected to individuals who are called freelancers to get their work done and they pay for the services they get from the freelancers.

      The freelancing market place gets a small part of your commission for helping you get connected to a client.

      The next challenge most freelancers right now are there are hundreds of freelancing websites available and they really don’t know which are the best ones to choose and pick up from.

      This article will reveal the best freelancing website also will give you insights into the questions that are coming to your mind How can I find freelance jobs online? 

      Just note the order is not important here and the list of best freelancing websites are purely based on my experiences and researching the data by connecting with other freelancers.

      The below five are the top freelancing website lists to find work:

      This article will reveal the best freelancing website also will give you insights into the questions that are coming to your mind How can I find freelance jobs online? 

      Just note the order is not important here and the list of best freelancing websites are purely based on my experiences and researching the data by connecting with other freelancers.

      The below five are the top freelancing website lists to find work:


      how to become a freelancer

      Fiverr is an Online freelancing website for freelance services. Services offered on the site including how to create a freelancing website, writing, translation, graphic design, video editing, programming, etc.

      It provides a two-sided platform for people to buy and sell a variety of digital services that are typically offered by freelancers.

      Fiverr also offers you free learning courses to develop your skills and teach you how to reach out to clients.

      You can start by creating an account free of cost and set up a gig with the specialized skills you have and the hourly rate and also the estimated delivery date that you can deliver.

      In Fiverr, Clients look at your profile and reach out to you for their tasks based on your reviews, cost delivery timeline, and your specialized skills.

      After the work has been done by your client release the payment and Fiverr takes a small amount of commission for providing the platform services.

      You can visit the site Fiverr to get more formation.


      top freelancing websites

      Upwork is the best freelancing website in the USA. It is one of the top freelancing websites to get work no matter what type of freelancer you may be.

      Upwork offers tools to quickstart your freelance career. People having web development, graphic design, writing will find much offer in Upwork.

      If you are wondering  How can I earn money by making a website?

      Then, you can charge for designing, setting up themes, analytics, and by developing an interactive website. You can also get partnered with the company for affiliate commission with hosting companies as generally Client pays for hosting and themes.

      From small to big business companies are hiring freelance designers through Upwork. It includes collaborative space, a built-in invoice maker, and a transparent recruitment process.

      The client will post a job in the portal and you have to learn the artistry to writing effective proposals, and you may have to bid to the work to get the work.        

      The client looks into your proposal and see your reviews and will select you based on their choice if you have a cheaper price, high rating and expertise then you have a high chance of getting the job.

      Once you complete the task and the client accepts it your payment will be released. Upwork to take a small portion of the amount for providing platform services.

      You can visit the site Upwork to get more formation.


      best freelancing website for beginners

      SimplyHired is also the best freelancing website for beginners as it doesn’t provide charge on people to put out job opportunities, rather it provides a gateway for many job opportunities.

      One of the uniqueness of this freelance website is that we can browse freelancing jobs in our nearby locality. In addition to this, there is also a list of top salaries and a tool to estimate their fees.

      The locality search is very useful as it gives additional benefits to reach out to the customers.

      Client can post their jobs and freelancers will bid for those by submitting their proposal and

      Based on the cheap price, skillset and experience freelancers are hired.

      SimplyHired also charge a commission for services.

      This site also provides the opportunity and various resources for job seekers, guides for writing resumes, cover letter writing, and other pieces of information.

      Visit SimplyHired for additional details.


      Guru is yet another platform and considered an as best freelancing website for professionals as well as beginners

      It lets clients actively search for freelancers who have the exact skillsets for their work and choose freelancers based on their skillsets, experience, delivery schedule, and cost.

      Guru has the lowest fees in the freelance marketplace industry. It charges a nominal fee to freelancers and clients as a service fee compared to Fiverr and Upwork.

      Guru verify freelancers , publish their credibility scores which become helpful for clients to check the credibility of the freelancers.

      Guru can be find here.


      How can I earn money by making a website

      99designs focuses on designer jobs-everything from logo to book covers. It is another great freelancing website that allows designers to connect with businesses around the world.

      It helps you from finding opportunities for joining a community of designers.It is a exclusively for graphics designers, logo creators and ads design professionals.

      At no cost, this platform provides you the opportunity to showcase your creativity, knowledge with regular updating of articles. Check their website here.

      99design allows clients to hire designers for their work and pays well also they have a unique feature of creating contests where several designers can be able to participate and submit their work to clients and clients can evaluate and whichever they finalize got the reward.

      Above are the best freelancing websites which are popular which you can leverage to start your freelancing journey and can add some cash to your account.

      Many newcomers asked me What is the best freelance website for beginners and according to me Fiverr is the best freelancing website for beginners as it’s an easy platform than the rest of others.It also helps newbies to feature by paying an additional fee. The clients as well as freelancers are trusted and the payment process is safe.So Fiverr gets the nod from rest.