An Interview with Priyanshu: A Freelancer

I am doing an interview with Priyanshu, who is currently a freelance web developer who earns over a hundred dollars every single week and has a big personal brand than me. The interview is below.

Hey, Priyanshu Thank you for joining me here for this interview, and first,

 Please just introduce yourself to the audience.

Hi Sagar. yeah Definitely. I will shortly introduce myself. So, I am Priyanshu, And I live in Kolkata, and I started coding When I was 23 and I realized that I have improved my skills a lot.

So I started freelancing with that and over time from November up to June. I have gained 30+ clients so far, and yeah, it’s been a very good journey so far.

So, tell me how did you get started? And where are you right now? First, like, in your freelancing journey, what are you doing right now?

I started freelancing last year, prior to that I was doing a lot of coding after learning programming languages like HTML, python, CSS, javascript, mean stack.

I keep on improving my skills. Also, I equipped myself with WordPress and Joomla for designing websites. I am doing currently finding clients in freelancing portals and offering my services and getting paid.

What obstacles did you face when starting your freelance business and how did you overcome them?

One of the biggest obstacles, when I started, was time and not having reviews. Finding a solid block of time to work was difficult and as a fresher, there is a struggle to convince clients to get work.

Another challenge was just getting gigs.

Eventually, I set up a schedule where I would develop and design websites for clients, and to get clients apart from freelancing websites, I focused on direct messaging in LinkedIn and Instagram.

How have you managed to get so many clients?

While starting out I focused on local marketing and family referrals and once I got some good reviews, I build my profile and added them. Now I shared the reviews too, I optimized my profile in fiver, Upwork, and another platform also right now I am doing direct messaging in linked in and Instagram to get clients.

What skills do you feel are required to become a good web developer freelancer?

For a good website, a designer learns WordPress and if you have good PHP knowledge along with UI technologies like HTML, CSS, javascript, etc. then you can be a good developer.

Also, you need good communication and writing skills.

What are the 3 important things you should keep in mind for getting clients?

  • Do have thorough research about your client and have communication with them.
  • Provide proofs in the form of your work portfolio to establish credibility.
  • Offer some complimentary services.

How have you built up your personal brand?

I used to post amazing content on how to do freelancing for web development regularly on my various social media sites specifically on Instagram and LinkedIn. I personally message people who comment or email me and reply to them immediately. I also do a free consultation with people who want to take my help also I have my own community of freelancers where we share stuff and solve each other problems.

I used to optimize my personal websites and social profiles regularly.

What tools do you use?

My stack includes: Canva, Envato, Elementor, WordPress

What tips will you suggest to the newbie web development freelancers?

  • Be amazing at something i.e., you need to be a specialist.
  • Have your own website.
  • Keep writing blogs on your site.
  • Improve your portfolio.
  • Be more social

Dealing with clients:

  • Choose clients carefully.
  • Widen your range of your clients.
  • Try to build a good relationship with clients.