5 Best Freelancing Jobs for a freelancer to earn money

If you are starting as a freelancer, then you must choose the right career path that generates massive income, right? If you are interested in having a bit of control and relaxation from your professional life, freelancing jobs is the best option to choose for.

Getting paid depends on your skill, experience and quality of work but you might be wondering what are freelancing jobs? Are freelancing jobs good? and what are the best freelancing jobs for a freelancer.

You can define freelancing jobs as where a person works for himself rather than for a company. Freelancers do take on contractual works for companies and organisations, they are ultimately self-employed.

Freelancing comes with its taste of good and bad, but when it is done in the right way, it comes with a great perks of freedom, money and peace of mind. No rules, no fixed timings rather you can work from anywhere at any time.

Let me tell you first about the best freelancing job sites where you can create your gigs and find best freelancing jobs.

Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, 99 designs, Simply Hired, Freelancer etc. If you want to know more about these websites then please read my article Best Freelancing Job sites.

How are freelancers get paid?

Most freelancers get paid by an hourly basis or by the job that has been assigned. Payment is transferred mostly by Paypal.

People often search How to earn 1000$ month online?  and my simple answer is through freelancing and below are some of the best online freelancing jobs.

1.Video Editing:

Best Freelancing Jobs

The very first service that I recommend that you start offering to work from home is a video editor. So even if you don’t have any video editing experience it’s very easy to learn. This is the best freelancing job for beginners.

People looking for this service want from basic video editing all the way up to advanced video editing. So if you have experience in this, maybe you can offer the advanced video editing that should be with animations and some graphics intertwined with the video.

But even if you just have very basic video editing skills where you don’t have any at all and you’re going to learn you can offer the basic video editing. So just to tell you the price point on this it goes from $15 an hour for the basic up to about $40 an hour for the advance.

If you’re more on the basic side of video editing you’re going to use something like a movie. It comes standard on every Mac so you won’t have to purchase any software and then if you’re more in the advanced area of the video editing you use something like Adobe Premiere Pro.This is some very advanced video editing software that allows you to do the animations and the graphics. 

For advance work you can charge for $200 to $300 per hour


Best Freelancing Job sites

A copywriter is  someone that a business or an individual hires to write the text for their advertising Facebook ads even like a magazine print ad or even just copy that’s on their website. So people who own the business or people who are individuals who need this service it’s typically hard for them if they don’t have a background in copywriting because they know so much about what they are trying to say So it’s hard for them to try to skip over the details and just say what fits for the website or the app.

They like to put in a lot of extra information and they have a biased opinion on it. So what they like to do is and this happens all the time.

Hire someone a copywriter that’s a third party independent or neutral standpoint to write them a persuasive and entertaining and captivating caption or copy for their advertising for their website text.

So how much do they make.Well it’s typically a per project basis not an hourly basis.

 So it’s 50 bucks per Facebook ad and those are like 150 characters or less.Then up to $2000 per project if it’s to write the copy for the website home page for the whole homepage they need a copy for it. So might be closer to $2000.

So over the course of the month you’re probably going to make anywhere from 2000 to $10000 as a copywriter and you don’t need any special requirements for this.

You don’t need a college degree or certification. What I do recommend that you do if you don’t have experience with copywriting yet is you study marketing and psychology.

3. Author and Content Writing:

Best Online Freelancing Jobs

Being an Author is an important skill so believe it or not writing books is an amazing occupation for working at home or just working from your computer. So it’s really profitable and ever since Kindle direct Publishing came to the market it’s opened up doors for people like you and me to write books.

You can create ebooks from 30 pages to 100pages about your favourite topic and that’s just about the right length that people are looking for. So these books are priced between $3 and typically 100$ and that’s it. So I mean it’s an inexpensive book that’s going to get value across.

You don’t have to hire anyone to publish it. That’s the amazing thing of Kindle direct publishing. So through what they call KDP Kindle direct publishing they offer a program that you can download on your computer called Kindle create.

So you take up your book in what I like to do is in a Word document and then import that word document into Kindle create and it formats it and you can do the headings. The subheadings everything formatted specifically for Kindle and then once you’re ready with that you can actually export that and what it will give you is a Kindle direct publishing file and you can publish and earn money from 10$ to 1000$ per each copy.

Similarly content writers are in huge demand, being a content writer you can write articles for clients and corporate to earn money from 50$ to 200$ per articles

If you want to become a good content writer then check out my blog 

4) Membership Site creator and Website development:

Best Online Freelancing Jobs

Membership sites are the websites where you create these for people who can sign up and subscribe every month for a service. It can be a product or service content so you can deliver them content every month.

So people are going to pay to get access to that content. The only way they have access to it is by paying. So it’s really not hard to create this style of website.

You can do it through WordPress.There’s many other ways you can do this and create the framework for the Web site and then it’s up to you what kind of product service or content you’re going to offer.

 So the ranges on this typically go from $10 a month is usually the low end up to what I’ve seen is about $100 per month. So what’s cool about this is you can scale it.

So what I mean by that is whether you have one customer for the first few months paying you $10 a month you’re delivering the same amount of content and you’re delivering the same service.

Now once you have 100 customers maybe  per month you’re delivering the same amount of content as you were for that one customer. So you’re making a lot more money on the same amount of work. So the goal at this obviously is to build your customer base and build your subscriber base as big as you can.

That’s where it’s really going to become profitable in the beginning. You’re probably not going to make a lot of money but if you can attract customers and you can attract people to pay monthly you’re going to start making a lot of money compared to the work that you’re putting into it because you’re delivering the same amount of content you would for one person as you are for 100 or 1000 members a membership site creator.

5)Social Media Manager:

What are freelancing jobs

In today’s day and age you really don’t need to have a lot of experience on social media because we use it every single day. So believe it or not we have a lot of experience without even knowing it.

So a lot of companies are looking for people to do this from their computers. You really don’t need to be in a specific location to do this.

There’s a wide range of services that are offered in the social media manager position. So let’s start with basic. So on the low end it’s looking like $15 an hour and that’s going to be mainly to push out content on multiple platforms at certain times.

So people may want to post on but say Pinterest, linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.So they want to post to all four of those at 1 p.m. every Thursday and then 3 p.m. every Friday.You know they may have a schedule like that and instead of them having to set the time set reminders and push out that content that’s something that you would do.

So on the low end you would just push out the content and then optionally depending on that certain gig you would respond to the comments and maybe respond to questions that people write in as well but that’s it.

And it’s build a $15 an hour. So on the upper end if you have a lot of experience with this you have a marketing background. You can actually land a position that’s a social media strategy advisor so you can advise the company on what kind of strategy they need to use for social media what they need to be posting when they should be posting it.

What type of content is good on each platform and how to create this content. You can even be the creator as well. So if you’re the creator as well as the strategist you can charge even more so in the upper end things like this. You’re looking at 40 to $50 an hour because you’re really a consultant. Just keep that in mind you can be on the low end and you can be on the high end.You can take 2000 to 5000$ per month as a social media manager.

So the next question is which freelance work is best?

Every work has been the best but as a personal choice, I prefer a membership site that is a profitable job to acquire.