A Definite Guide on How to Start Freelancing

Becoming a freelancer is a great way to earn by working yourself. You can work for multiple employers at a time, gain a variety of marketable skills, and work as much or as little as you can.

In this current scenario where there is a scarcity of jobs, people are underpaid and high inflation is taking a toll, many people across the world are looking for income opportunities and what I am observing is there is an unprecedented demand for freelancing jobs.

People are starting a freelancing business to earn money from home. But, You might be wondering what is freelancing? And how to start freelancing?

Freelancing Industry is a new opportunity for people to work from the comfort of home and get paid directly from international clients by completing the tasks on their specialized skills.

 With over 60 million Americans, have started a freelancing business that gives them more flexibility to create a lifestyle they love.

Hiring freelancers is not only becoming more acceptable but also more attractive to many businesses. This creates various opportunities for people to how to begin freelancing business.

I would like to suggest you for reading this guide all through the way from top to bottom that will take you straight to each stage of how to start freelancing with no experience.

10 steps to start a freelancing business:

 1. Define your goal and Start.

2. Pick a profitable niche to offer service.

3. Find freelancing websites.

 4. Setting up gigs in freelancing websites.

5. Build your portfolio by setting up a high-quality website

6. Pricing strategies for your services.

7. How to pitch to clients.

 8. Level up your skills.

 9. Getting Reviews from client

10. How to get more clients.

  Let’s dive into the details step by step:

How to Start Freelancing

1. Define your goal and Start.

It’s very important to set up a goal in your mind while you are starting freelancing.

You should have clarity on your mind about what is your mindset and what is your specialty and how much time and effort you are willing to devote every day in this work.

After you are clear about your goals then start immediately. You might be thinking whether or not you are skilled enough to start freelancing, if you procrastinate then you will never become a freelancer.

You need not have to be an expert in your skills in order to get clients and start your freelancing business. You need to have the required knowledge and the rest depends on your hard work and time.

2. Pick a profitable niche to offer service.

Picking a niche is the most important step, if you are a newbie to freelancing then you often feel ready to take any paid work to get your hands on. But this doesn’t work like that way. You need to choose a skill where you have to expertise and start focusing on that particular skill.

Niche means the segment or skill of interest you want to offer service.

Selecting a niche is a difficult task to do because many of us don’t know what our interests are and what we are passionate about.

 Make sure while picking your niche, the two most important things that you need to keep in your mind are you must have a good amount of knowledge on that service(gig) and secondly it must be profitable.

If you are not aware of your niche that you have selected for offering services you will lose interest in completing the tasks. Secondly, it must be profitable by that it means it can be monetized easily.

Let me explain niche selection, If you are fond of graphics designing then you will do better in graphics designing because you love it and you have a passion for design, on the other hand, if you don’t have any knowledge on graphic designing then you will fail miserably as you are not aware of it.

Some of the best profitable services that you can offer are video editing, app development, graphic designing, content writing, designing a logo, website design, SEO, Social media, and funnel building.

3) Find freelancing Websites

After you select the niche you need the market place to set up your gigs. This means you need the best freelancing websites to set up your service so that you can find clients to get jobs.

This is the most frequently asked question, and the one that most people do completely wrong when they first start out.

To start, you need to know who your ideal clients are. You may not be able to get them right away, but you have to keep a clear idea in your mind of to whom you are trying to target.

You can find clients by registering and making a profile in different freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Simply hired, 99 designs, Toptal, freelancer, etc.

In order to get more details on how to become a freelancer on upwork and other freelancing website you can check my article here

 You can also find clients from LinkedIn and google business.

4) Setting up gigs in freelancing websites.

 Gigs are the services that you have set up in freelancing websites. Start by creating an overview of your work, details about the services, the offering of your work, testimonials, deadline, and pricing details of the work.

 You need to take time and pace to make your gigs more useful. Start by creating an overview of your work mainly by adding pricing details and scope on which you will work.

Adding a 2-minute video explaining about your service on the freelancing website will give a boost to your gig as now a day’s people prefer to watch videos rather than reading.

Most freelancing websites uses its own algorithm to rank gigs and show it to the clients. Ranking gigs on the top is most likely to find most of your target clients.

5) Build your portfolio by setting up a high-quality website

Start a freelancing business

Building your profile always helps you to showcase your skills. The work you have done can be represented in your profile. It’s very important to build your profile in the right way as it’s a true reflection of your work, skills and experience.

You might be thinking, setting up a website may be a costly affair, but it is not. You can set up your website in WordPress which is absolutely free; you just need to pay a small amount in buying a domain and hosting to host the site.

Let’s understand what the purpose of having a portfolio website is. It’s often the first impression a potential client will have on you, your style, your work, and the past clients you’ve worked with in your freelance business.

You need to sell yourself and communicate with clients on your website in order to convince clients to hire you.

6) Pricing strategies for your services.

You need to set the right prices for your services before starting a freelancing business. You need to price yourself based on the value you deliver, not based on what your competitors are charging. Your prices may be too high or too low for the types of clients you target.

Initially, when you are starting out, you may sometime have to do it either free or maybe with a nominal fee as you want the client and their reviews as it is required for your credibility. After you have enough reviews you can put the right price.

7) Level up your skills.

 In order to justify higher value, you need to make sure that you have impressive skills that are in higher demand. You need to practice those skills by creating projects that you want to get paid to work on whether it may be creating WordPress websites, developing apps, creating logos and how to start freelancing web designs, and how to start a freelancing graphic design and maybe something else. The more you differentiate yourself among top competitors that will attract more potential clients to your site.

Below is the guide on how to become a freelance writer by checking my detailed article here

8. How to pitch to clients.

how to become a freelancer

When you want to know how to  start freelancing business online, you need to pitch yourself. No matter how good you maybe, but if you want to turn your skills into starting a freelancing business mindset, you must be able to communicate your strengths and convert them into paying clients.

You can get client’s information from google business, linked in, snov.io, etc and you can reach out to them by sending proposals to them.

Proposify.com is the best website to get predefined templates that you can use for sending out proposals.

9. Get Reviews from your work.

how to become a freelancer on upwork

Reviews and testimonials play a significant role in building your credibility. The work you perform for your clients makes sure you don’t forget to ask them for a review for your work.

It will not only help you to know how you have performed but also it will help you to find more Clients.

Getting reviews in freelancing sites also on google and Facebook are equally important.

10. How to get more work.

how to become a freelancer writer

You can get more work by networking with other people. It is highly important that the task you get in freelancing platforms you need to provide so much value that the client gets impressed and can consider you for more work.

If they get impressed by your work they may even refer you to other contacts.

These 10 steps will help you to know how to become a freelancer and If you follow these I am sure no one can stop your progress in freelancing career path.